South Australian Chihuahua Club Breeders

Breeder Contacts

The following Alphabetical listing in Prefix order are all financial members of the Chihuahua Club of SA Inc & DOGS SA and are guided by a code of ethics as laid down by the South Australian Canine Association and the Chihuahua Club of SA Inc.

This code of ethics, including the welfare of all breeding dogs and subsequent puppies, can be found here

Just like purchasing something for your home you need to be educated in what you are buying. 

The commitment to adding a Chihuahua to your home is a life decision, you need to ensure that you research the breed and breeders to make sure this is the right choice for you and your family. 

The Chihuahua Club of SA Inc cannot adjudicate in any disputes which may arise between Buyer and Vendor.


If you would like to ask someone information on puppies in general please contact 

email:  [email protected] 



Breeder Prefix Area Contact Phone/ Email Details
Andoraye East Country Chris Lane 0424 531 7621
      [email protected]
Chilovechi Country (North) Angela Mindis 0402 922 200
Houseofchi Adelaide Hills Brian Alonge 0412 803 649
      [email protected]
Kuchukopek Southern  Mrs I Nicholls 08 8384 1586
      [email protected]
Papandi Two Wells Pat Welk 0448 523 011
      [email protected]
Primochi Adelaide Hills Samantha Brown 0417 171 813
      [email protected]
Roxbud  Murray Bridge Kylie Lawton 0410 190 418
      [email protected]
Staplechi Northern Jenifer Nichols  0418 837 672
      [email protected]
Strawhatchi Chihuahuas Country East

Christina Ricks   

Peter Rogers

0403 472 122
      [email protected]
Tibchi Country East Karen & Gary Tucker 0448 777 289
      [email protected]
Voncronan Northern Kylie Tilley 0413 278 852
      [email protected]

Contact Details


Pat Welk

0448 532 011                                                             

Email : [email protected]


Lorretta Stephenson

0419 532 040

Email : [email protected]


Vicki Leonard

PO Box 228

Kilburn North SA 5084