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Chihuahua Club of South Australia

Championship Show not before 10:30 AM, Sunday June 5th 2022

in conjuction with Dogs SA Winter International


Parade, followed by Championship Show

9:00AM October 16th 2022


Annual General Meeting TBA

David Roche Park, Kilburn


Pointscore Show dates


The point score competition will always start with our Championship Show that is held in-conjunction with Winter International (which is normally held in early June)

  • June 5th – Winter International
  • June 5th – Chihuahua Club of SA Inc – Champ Show
  • July 30th – Marion Kennel Club (am Show)
  • September 10th – Adelaide Royal
  • October 16th – Chihuahua Club of SA Inc - Champ Show
  • March – SA Poultry & Kennel Club (Saturday am show)
  • April – Adelaide Plains (Saturday am)
  • May – Toy Dog Club (am show)

Where 2 shows are held on the same day, only the am show will count, unless otherwise stated.    

Where shows are affected by the Dogs SA Hot Weather Policy, the night show on the date allocated will count, and if the show is cancelled, then another show will not replace it.




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